Snake Bangle 925 Sterling Silver
Snake Bangle 925 Sterling Silver

Snake Bangle 925 Sterling Silver


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Solid 925 Sterling Silver Snake Bangle Bracelet

The weight of the Bracelet is 14 Grams
The Length is 7 inches
Diameter of the Bracelet is 57 millimeters.

Snakes hold a certain fascination for humans. Since snakes have the ability to shed their skin they are seen as symbols of death, rebirth, transformation, regeneratio, immortality, healing and fertility.

However, snakes also spew venom, bite people, and can destroy. Hence, their role is that of the creator as well as a destroyer.

Because it lives close to the ground, the snake is an emblem of the nurturing earth and also the unknown perils of the underworld. Snakes also have different mystical meanings. Entwined snakes meaning is God Mercury’s caduceus, which is the symbol of the medical community.

In many parts of the world, snakes and serpents are also symbols of sex.

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Snake Bangle 925 Sterling Silver
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