Eliz Sterling Silver .925 American Indian Eagle Spirit Ring
Eliz Sterling Silver .925 American Indian Eagle Spirit Ring

Eliz Sterling Silver .925 American Indian Eagle Spirit Ring


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We offer laser engraving on all our jewelry for 3$ per letter and or 10$ per your personal logo.

Handmade Eagle Spirit American Indian Woman Ring Pure .925 Sterling Silver

This beautiful Ring has been Fabulously casted with .925 Sterling Silver

The weight of this ring is 16 Grams depending on size.

*please inquire if you dont see your size listed*

*please inquire if you would like a matching bracelet, ,necklace or earrings we have a huge inventory that has not been listed yet, we are updating daily.*

Referred to as “uraeus” — she who rears up — the rearing cobra with dilated hood was used to symbolize such things as the sun, Lower Egypt, various deities and the king. A cobra is often seen paired with a vulture, the symbol of Upper Egypt; together, they represented the unification of the lands. Cobras were also used in association with the afterlife in Egypt. Possibly due to their protective natures, two cobras spitting flames were said to guard the gates of the underworld

In India, both Hindus and Buddhists have special reverence for the cobra. Hindus believe in the immortality of the snake due to the shedding of its skin, and a snake eating its tail is a Hindu symbol of eternity. The Indian deity Vishnu sits atop a thousand-headed serpent, which also represents eternity. Though snakes are worshiped throughout the year, the Nag-Panchami festival day is filled with cobra worshiping and attendees performing religious rites to seek the cobra’s protection and good will. Buddhists relate the story of how the cobra shielded the sleeping Buddha from sun and rain as he slept. The spectacle marks on the hood are said to be Buddha's fingerprints, left when he blessed the snake.

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Eliz Sterling Silver .925 American Indian Eagle Spirit Ring
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