Heptagram Ring 925 Sterling Silver
Heptagram Ring 925 Sterling Silver

Heptagram Ring 925 Sterling Silver


*please inquire if you dont see your size listed*

This beautiful Triskelion Heptagram Symbol withe Triquetra on the sides Ring has been Fabulously casted with 925 Sterling Silver

The weight of the ring is 7-8 Grams depending on size

The elven star is associated with God’s favorite number, which was also prominent in the Book of Revelations, where there were seven churches, seven angels, seven stars, seven trumpets, and seven seals.

Medieval alchemists used the heptagram to symbolize the seven alchemical metals and their conforming planets. However, it can also stand for the seven musical notes, seven colors, the seven sisters (Pleiades) and many other seven sacred things. For example, in Hermetic Qabalah this seven-pointed star represents the Netzach sphere and its corresponding planet Venus.

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Heptagram Ring 925 Sterling Silver
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