Isis Ring 925 STERLING SILVER Egyptian Talisman
Isis Ring 925 STERLING SILVER Egyptian Talisman

Isis Ring 925 STERLING SILVER Egyptian Talisman


Isis Ring 925 STERLING SILVER Scarab Ankh Deity Goddess of the Moon Ancient Egyptian Divine Mother of the Pharaoh Talisman Amulet

Isis Ring – Egyptian goddess of love, healing, fertility, magic, and the moon.
Solid 925 Sterling Silver Ring
This Beautiful Ancient Egyptian Sacred Symbols Ring has been Fabulously cast with 925 Sterling Silver.
The weight of this ring is 8-8.5 Grams depending on size.
We can engrave any complexity. It can be any letter, sign, phrase, or logo.
10-20$ depending on the complexity.
Isis is a goddess from ancient Egyptian religion, revered as one of the most important and complex deities. She embodies various roles and symbols, deeply ingrained in Egyptian culture and beyond. Here are key aspects of Isis’ symbolism:
Motherhood and Fertility: Isis was often depicted as the ideal mother and wife, nurturing and caring for her family. As such, she became a symbol of motherhood and fertility, embodying the maternal virtues of devotion and protection.
Magic and Healing: Isis was known for her powerful magic, which she used to resurrect Osiris and protect Horus. Her magic was considered vital for healing, and she was invoked for protection against disease and misfortune. This aspect made her a goddess of magic, healing, and protective charms.
Wings: Isis is often shown with wings, which she uses to fan life back into Osiris with the breath of life. Her wings symbolize protection, as she spreads them to guard the dead, her devotees, or even the lands of Egypt itself. They also represent rebirth and the soul’s journey into the afterlife.
Knot of Isis (Tyet): The Tyet, resembling an ankh with arms at its sides, is another symbol associated with Isis. It represents welfare and life and is often called the “blood of Isis,” symbolizing her strength, power, and the protection she offers. It was used as an amulet for safety and well-being.
Full Moon and Stars: Representing the night sky and the universe’s mysteries, Isis is sometimes connected to the moon and stars, symbolizing her as a guide in the darkness, illuminating the path for the dead and the living alike.
Isis’ worship spread throughout the Greco-Roman world, where she continued to be venerated as a goddess of universal protection, wisdom, and the afterlife. Her symbolism evolved over time but remained deeply rooted in concepts of protection, healing, and the nurturing aspects of the divine feminine.
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Isis Ring 925 STERLING SILVER Egyptian Talisman
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